NDFH Feb 2024 Soundwaves

Soundwaves Half Term

Soundwaves: Craft your own podcast


Who: Neurodiverse Teenagers - 11 -18 years old

Where: 56 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0AS

What: The Neurodiversity Family Hub, will be hosting a 3-part Podcast Production Workshop for 'My Tribe Teens' group of neurodiverse young people.

Over three specially designed sessions, the candidates will learn how to plan, script, present, record, edit, and publish their podcast - culminating in a final presentation of their podcast at Neurodiversity Week.

Working in groups, the candidates will be guided and mentored by our team of experts as they perform a wide variety of tasks including researching, pitching, and storyboarding their podcast ideas, scriptwriting, audio-branding, guest selection and preparation, presenting, selecting the right tech, recording, creating trailers, stings, and music beds, editing and publishing of their final podcast.

The overall objective of the program is to present your Teens with a wide range of hands-on, creative, and technical tasks to allow them to explore their strengths and talents in a project-based environment and provide the opportunity to work together and collaborate in teams toward a shared goal.

More info and booking: https://eequ.org/experience/6476