The 10 pages & podcast club

The 10 pages & podcast club


A session to educate ourselves on neurodiversity, discuss & reflect. A time to use our critical thinking and deepen our understanding. A time to feel empowered to embrace difference and recognise the strength of the neurodiverse person in our family, and how we can deploy strategies to suit each family's needs. A time to feel connected: This club will give a space for you to connect, share stories and experiences. You are not alone.

Why is it called the 10 pages club? Because we are inviting you to read just 10 pages a day. No more. And 10 pages a day means 300 pages at the end of the month! 


It will resume when we gather more interest. In the meantime, if you want some ideas of podcasts to listen to or books to read just ask us and we will send you some ideas, and If interested in the book club, let us know: [email protected] 

The Saturday book & podcast club is free access for members and non-members (a donation is welcome)