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ServicesMembersNon Members
Family Hub YouthWelcome Pack 
My Tiny TribeDonations welcomeDonations welcome
My Tribe JuniorFree AccessFree on first attendance / £5 a session
My Tribe TeenFree AccessFree on first attendance / Funded until end of November then £5 / session  
Stories with a twistFree AccessFree Access
Family Hub ParentsWelcome Pack 
My advocacy PartnerPriority Booking
30 mn free consultation
Access to grants (conditions apply - sliding scale model)
£80 per hour
Additional cost may be included for travel, face to face advocacy etc.
30 mn consultation for £40
£80 per hour
Additional cost may be included for travel, face to face advocacy etc
My companion
(25 mn call)
2 calls a month for free
Thereafter £20 a call
£20 a call
Walk and TalkFreeFree
Coffee ConnectFree Access / donation welcomeFree Access / donation welcome
Wisdom & WonderFree Access / donation welcomeNo access
Book and Podcast ClubFreeFree
Parents' CirclePriority Booking
Access to grants (conditions apply)
Fees Apply: £280
Fees Apply: £380
Speaker session1 speaker session a year for free
3 sessions at £15 each
£20 a session
Downloadable resources4 free resources a year
20% off any other resources
Full price
NewsletterFree - AutomaticFree on request

Parents’ Circle Fees

A 12 weeks programme created and delivered by a certified Life Coach trained on neurodiversity.

  • Small six people group
  • Six in person sessions of 90 minutes with a group of 6 to 8 people
  • Two one to one 60 mn session at the beginning and the end of the programme
  • One full exercise booklet
  • Exercises provided in between session
  • A WhatsApp support group
MembersNon Members
£280 and priority booking£380 but early Bird are £280 - booked in advance of at least 3 months (Non Members)

You can apply for a grant for this programme as per our sliding scale membership criteria.

Advocacy Partner Fees

Expert one to one advice and consultancy with a law expert.

Expert one-to-one advice and consultancy with a law expert, and a thorough knowledge of the education system, the SEND Code of Practice, and the local offer. Plus advocacy and consultancy for Diagnosis, SEND registers, Graduated Approach, Unlawful Exclusions, School refusers, unlawful school absence reporting, DLA, CAMHS. 

  • Initial 30 min consultation to discuss needs - £40 (free for members)

A report will be provided outlining the issues and possible solutions.

  • Further Support as follows:

Any additional work at £80 p/h including but not limited to:

Drafting of letters, EHCP applications, challenges, draft proofreading, support with consultations, DLA forms. 

  • Representation Consultancy at £120 p/h + travel if outside of zone 3. Including but not limited to: 
  • School meetings, Exclusion return meetings, EHCP tribunals, and local authority meetings. 

All works will be billed using software and statements will be provided with all works carried out and length of time and costs included. These will all be pre-approved by clients using the report provided after initial consultation and further work will be communicated and agreed to first.

Grants are available for My Advocacy Partner using the sliding scale criteria.