Wisdom & Wonder

Wisdom & Wonder


Let’s learn and share together around a cup of coffee or tea with other parents and carers of children with a neurodiversity (diagnosed or not). We will discuss specific themes with some experts or your own expertise. Themes will be published in advance. Please do not hesitate in sharing any requests for themes. 


Third Friday of the month - 8:35-10:30 am 

Next Sessions:  TBC

Past sessions:
15th December: Navigating Festive Moments and Gatherings with a Neurodiverse Child: Strategies for Preparation and Family Readiness.   
17th November: How to create a Neurodiverse-Friendly home environment for children. 
20th Oct: Theme: "The Zones of Regulation": What are they, how do we use them with kids & how to implement at home. 


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